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July 7, 2013


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It was basic parkour. Sky and Deadlox were competing each other again to reach the finish line or platform. In the world of Minecraft, these two will always try to compete. As the two friends race each other to a base they made, the atmosphere becomes dark with stormy clouds.

"Hey, Ty, can you hurry up?" Sky asks to his best ally to his army. There was no response from Ty. He turns around to see no one. "Ty, where are you? Are you setting up TNT again?" He takes his steps back again to find Deadlox. While looking, the sky began to rain down. Nothing noticeable was in his view.

At last, he sees a set of headphones that belongs to Ty. It was lying close to the ocean, the only ocean where the most squids are populated. "…You can't be kidding me! Is he captured again!? I have to go over there and save him…again…" Sky then runs towards the ocean and swims down deeper into the ocean where an underwater castle is visible. "My guess he's in there. I hope that he's there." As he approaches the castle, he feels an odd punch at his back and releases all his air inside his lungs.

Sky wakes up suddenly to be chained to a wall of diamond. The chains were also made out of diamond, and a glass wall was in front of him. Several squids were on the other side, making someone move closer to a strange machine. "Ty, is that you!? Ty!"

"Forget about it! He can't hear you." The Squid King walks over to Sky and tilts his head up. "I hope you're ready to see the last of one of your precious friends. And you are the first to see it all." The squid holds Sky's head, positioning his gaze at the person on the other side: Deadlox.

"Wait, no! You can't do this! I'm even worse than startled!" Sky attempts to shake the squid's tentacles away from his head but no amount of struggling let him turn his gaze away. "Don't do this! DON'T DO THIS!" He keeps struggling, and it barely did anything to set him free. Ty was laid down on a cobblestone table and was pinned him down with the squids' tentacles.

He attempts to lift himself up and escape, but was forced back down as another tentacle shields his eyes from seeing anything. "Hey, just let us go, okay? We just want to go back!" Ty was resisting his restraints as one more squid moved a tentacle to cover his mouth. His muffled voice reverberated silently in the isolated room blocked off from a simple glass wall.

"It's a shame we stole some of your new weapon plans, Sky. Let's see if they work." The Squid King had wickedness in its eyes as it watches the mechanism function with no flaws. "So tell me, Sky. What does it do actually? I am truly intrigued by the genius of your army."

"I won't tell you anything!"

"…Very well then. If you won't tell us, we'll proceed with another tactic." The stubborn squid leaves Sky all alone, and reappears on the other side. It was pressing a few buttons that was on the iron wall. A microphone was close to its mouth and started to speak into it. A speaker appears on Sky's side of the room. "Say goodbye to your friend, fool!"

In turn, several squids pull out their custom made swords and repeatedly stab Ty in multiple areas of his body. Sky froze. He can't believe what he was seeing. After two minutes of the violence, they stop and Sky was free from his bonds. He quickly race to the other side by breaking down the glass wall. Blood was spread across the cobblestone table and Ty's entire body. His face was no longer recognizable…

"God…" Sky only looked down at the corpse. There was nothing left to even tell who Deadlox was now. The entire body was completely disoriented and covered in its own blood. "….You will pay for this!" Sky, taking the corpse with him, finally grew enraged and leaves the castle.

"That's only one member of the Sky Army. There are thousands more that we can eliminate. For now, we will celebrate." The Squid King looks at its followers. "Now, to the commons!"

Sky's heart was racing. He was holding the deceased body of someone he has known for a long time. Tears started to fall from his shielded eyes and the rain became heavier. He didn't stop running until he got back to the headquarters, where he and his entire army reside. Once he opens the door, he slams it with so much force that everyone woke from their peaceful sleep.

Dawn was the first one to make it downstairs. First, she couldn't even tell that Ty was in her fiancé's arms. "…Sky, is that Deadlox?" Sky makes a quick nod as he wipes away the blood off the corpse's face. Indeed, it revealed a set of green eyes and a bundle of brown hair. Dawn was so shocked that she gathered everyone to the commons, where a lot of the recruits will spend their past time.

Sky and Dawn appear in black, carrying a butter casket to a platform. Everyone was indeed curious what has happened, but once they notice the casket, they knew that someone has passed away. Sky adjusted a microphone and spoke. "Everyone, I apologize for the sudden wake up call, but this is very disturbing and sad for all of us. …Ty will not be able to join us in future combat. I've seen it all; he was killed by the enemy army. I was forced to watch him die. I believe that there's nothing we can do… So…let's say our final farewell to our friend and noble member of the Sky Army, Deadlox…"

Everyone was now starting to sob and hug each other. The next day, nearly every member laid down roses and butter flowers inside the casket. HuskyMudkips, Ethan and Jason all said their speeches on how well they knew Ty, and at last, the burial proceeded. Everyone stayed behind to see the coffin go down into the earth and being covered in dirt and beautiful flowers. Once the funeral was over, Sky stayed behind in his chair and cried in the rain. Dawn, who noticed that Sky has fallen asleep on the ground, goes outside to take her fiancé inside. "I know, darling…"

The next few days have been stressful, and no one felt like doing anything. Dawn was only thinking over what to do to the squids, but nothing wasn't coming into form as she only glance at a group picture of her, Sky, Quinton, Ethan, Jason, AntVenom, SlamaCow, and Ty. She picks up the diamond picture frame and only stares at the photograph that was taken in a split second of time. While staring at it, she notices that Ty's pose has changed from a casual "leg-in-the-air" to standing upright and straight. As she rubs her eyes, his head turns to face her, his eyes turning green to purple, and a set of Enderdragon wings appear. She looks closer into the picture, and she hears a very disturbing voice in her head: "Watch where you go… Watch what you do… Whatever you do, you will face the Enderdragon's wrath…" It repeated over and over, until she couldn't take it and runs out of the room.

"Dawn, are you okay? You seem a bit pale." Sky was walking right up to her. She was panting, forcing the palm of her hand against the oak wood wall. "Did something happen?"

"...Did you hear that…?" She grips Sky's shoulders and shakes him lightly. "I heard something…saying that we'll face the Enderdragon's wrath."

Sky, which was now growing concern, leans his back against the wall. "I didn't hear anything except the recruits training outside. Perhaps you were only imaging it."

"But I did hear that!" She was now walking down the hallway, leaving Sky to himself. He sighs and enters the room Dawn was last in. Pulling the chair closer to him, he takes a seat and places the picture back into position, only to fail to notice something.

Sky takes a second glance again. Ty was missing from the picture. He rubs his eyes and looked at it again; it was the same. "But…he was with us when this was taken… Why is he missing?"

"Because he's with us now." A disturbing voice interrupted the silence of the room. Sky falls back into his chair looks up at the second person who came inside. The person was like a king: a black crown with purple stained diamonds embedded inside. He had dark clothing and a cape out of Enderdragon scales.

"W-Who are you!? And what do you mean that Ty is with you?" Sky stands up and faces the other.

"I am the king of the Enderdragons. My followers, the creatures themselves, seemed to find a rather interesting presentation to me just a few nights ago. Tell me, does he anything familiar to you?" The king swung an arm around Sky's neck and signaled the next person to come inside the room.

"…Wait…TY!?" It was Deadlox, but he didn't look the same anymore. His eyes were a dark purple instead of the grassy green he knew. But the most noticeable was the wings…large in wingspan, the same purple and a deep, frightful black. "What did you do to him!?"

"It's simple: I merged a part of his soul with one of my loyal beast's own soul. You can only imagine how much potential that my new follower can serve. Besides, he has more power than all of your entire army. Enderlox, show the Sky Army what your true power is!"

Ty unleashes an echoing roar and flies through the glass window. All the recruits stare out in the sky and notice him as soon he stopped still in the air. Instead of saying hello, he projects a ball of dark energy at a nearby mountain, destroying it entirely. Next came another ball of the surging power, and unleashed it in the air. It then broke apart and dispersed as a meteor shower. Ever recruit tries to hurry back to their quarters, but several were killed by Ty's strength and sword.

"See, Sky…see what we can provide you! I say we will call a truce…will that be fun?" Sky only looked at the gruesome sight that was presented to him. This isn't Deadlox, he thought as he only kept his gaze at the devastation.

"No! This is not what the army wants, so I will follow their example! Plus, you changed my friend into something he isn't!"

"I had to do something. At least you now know that he's alive again. I will assure you that he will be all right."

"I want him changed back… Do that…now." Sky storms out of the room to face the fear outside the base. I have to bring him back, he thought as he steps out. "TY! You have to calm down! Just relax! I'll save you!" Sky calls out. It draws Ty's attention towards the Sky Army leader, and flies down. "See? I told-"

However, he feels a hand gripping onto his heart. Sky screamed to the pain building up inside of him. And Ty looks at him. "…Don't even call me 'Ty'. Call me 'Enderlox' from here on out, or you will be the next follower of my king!" He shouted, letting go of Sky's chest. The Enderdragon King comes out last, and rubs Enderlox's back.

"I hope you rethink your choice, King Sky. I am looking forward in proceeding to war… Enderlox, let's leave." The two then teleported away, leaving Sky to bleed out. He calls quickly for Jason, and he finally gets medical assistance.

"Sky, what happened? Everyone was panicking inside, and I didn't get a chance to know what was going on out there."

All the leaders of the Sky Army come out, and circle around Sky, who was being treated. "…Ty's alive, but he's gone. Someone changed him…and I don't know if we can get him back… He has lost his way back to us, guys…"

Dawn was right all along. In the turn of events, everyone began training even harder than before. If it wasn't for a careless adventure Sky had with Deadlox, none of this would have never happened.

But it did…

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yaoilover726 Dec 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
i love your story !!I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: Love Love Love Love Love Llama Emoji 02 (Blush) [V1] 
Rosey357712 Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
You made me cry! This story is fucking amazing!!!!!!!!!
Rosey357712 Jul 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
aww thanks
silverblueshadow Jul 7, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Omg thanks for sending me them!
Rosey357712 Jul 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
your welcome
silverblueshadow Jul 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Rosey357712 Jul 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
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